Leadership Profile

New Life Copan is growing and hiring a Campus Pastor! The Campus Pastor is responsible for representing and executing the mission and vision of New Life Copan and its Lead Pastor. They serve as the primary communicator and administrator for the campus, ensuring the day-to-day operations run smoothly. The Campus Pastor embodies, protects, and furthers the core values and culture of New Life Copan.


Breathing the life and love of Jesus into Northeast Oklahoma!

About New Life Copan

New Life Copan is a faith family that is experiencing growth and momentum in the community! They are reaching Northeast Oklahoma for Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. 


Kingdom Minded  ~ Authenticity ~ Radical Generosity ~ Slowed Down Spirituality ~ Service ~ Prayer ~ Holy Spirit ~ Health


4 Distinctives of New Life Copan

[We are a presence driven church ]: not built around a person, denomination, or ministry. We are built around the presence of God.  

[We are a power demonstrating church]: we desire to see the power of God (change people’s lives.) or made manifest in people’s lives & situations. 

[We are a people focused church]: we LOVE and respect all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, social or economic status, education, or immigration status. 

[We are prayer centered church]: prayer is central to what we do and who we are.

“We” Is Greater Than “Me” 

God wants to do greater things through us as a staff than he does through us as individuals. We were not meant to follow Jesus alone, and we aren’t meant to lead others to follow Jesus alone. We collaborate as a team and are open-handed with our information and resources. We only succeed individually when we support one another in our collective efforts to create environments that lead others to Jesus. 

We Can’t Stay Here 

God’s desire for His church is growth. God’s desire for us is the same. For us to be on mission, we should be constantly learning and growing. This applies to us as individuals and to our staff as a whole. We welcome feedback, because we value progress in our jobs, in our personal lives, and in our spiritual lives.

For a Statement of Beliefs see: What We Believe

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About Copan, OK

Living in Copan, OK is a unique experience. The small town has a population of just over 1,000 people and is located within the rolling hills of Osage County. Copan is full of friendly faces and local businesses that keep the town running. The rural environment provides plenty of outdoor activities like fishing, camping, hiking, and biking. Copan also offers a wide range of cultural experiences with its multiple art galleries, museums, and parks. Residents are able to enjoy a peaceful life while still having access to larger towns nearby for further exploration. All in all, living in Copan is an enjoyable experience that gives residents a sense of community and connection to their rural surroundings.